1. Technology Trends for Next Generation 50G-PON
  2. Optical technologies for Tbps data center network
  3. Progress of Integrated Optoelectronics
  4. Innovations of Laser Technologies and Products
  5. Applications of New Optical Fibers in Communication and Sensing
  6. Optical 5G Transport Networks - How to Face Reliability with Virtualization?
  7. Visible Light Communication
  8. Python Lab Automation Hackathon
  9. Joint Research Center of Photonics & Joint Centre of Advanced Photonics Research Combined Workshop 2018 (JORCEP Workshop)
  10. Innovative Optical Switches and Their Control
  11. Silicon Photonics
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018 
Xiang Liu, Huawei Technologies, USA

09:00-09:20 Dechao Zhang, Lei Wang, Junwei Li, China Mobile Research Institute, China
Topic: Technical requirements on 50G PON

09:20-09:40 Dezhi Zhang   China Telecom, China
Topic: 50G TDM-PON: Requirement and Standardization Progress

09:40-10:00 Xiang Liu   Huawei Technologies, USA
Topic: Enabling Technologies for High-Performance Low-Cost 50G-PON
10:00-10:20 Songnian Fu   Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China
Topic: DSP enabled high-speed PAM-4 fiber optical transmission
10:20-10:40 Lilin Yi   Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Topic: Machine Learning for High-Speed PONs
10:40-10:50 Coffee Break
10:50-11:10 Kangping Zhong   MACOM Technology Solutions, USA
Topic: Key Technologies for Next Generation High Speed PON
11:10-11:30 Takahiko Shindo   NTT Device Innovation Center, NTT Corporation, Japan
Topic: High power and high efficiency SOA integrated EML for next generation PON system
11:30-11:50 Linjuan Zhao   Institute of Semiconductors, CAS, China
Topic: High speed laser for next generation PON system
11:50~12:20 Panel Discussion
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018 
Chao Lu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hongkong
14:00-14:30 Xie Changsong, Optical and Quantum lab, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Topic: Towards Terabit DCN Optical Interconnection
14:30-15:00 Zuqing Zhu, School of Information Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China
Topic: Technology of China Knowledge-defined Network Orchestration in a Hybrid Optical/Electrical Datacenter Network
15:00-15:30 Qunbi Zhuge, Department of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Topic: Photonics signal processing for Tbit/s DCI application
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-16:30 Shilong Pan, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Topic: General optical component analyzer for characterizing key devices in Tbit/s data center network
16:30-17:00 Jiajia Chen, School of ICT, KTH
Topic: Communication system architectures and algorithm in DCN/DCI
17:00-17:30 Po Dong, Silicon Photonics Research Department, Bell Labs
Topic: The scalability of silicon photonics in data center applications
17:30-18:00 Guifang Li, University of Central Florida   
Topic: Few-mode and multi-mode fiber optics for short-reach applications
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Mark Ding G.M., Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute, China
Jin Guo, Director, The 38th Institute of CETC, China
Songwei Zhang, CTO, GoLight Technology Co., Ltd, China
14:00-14:20, Wei Wang, SITRI, China
Topic: High Efficiency Si Based Photodetection at SWIR Range
14:20-14:40, Linjie Zhou, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Topic: Silicon Optical Switch Development and Challenges
14:40-15:00, Guowei Cao, The 38th Institute of CETC, China
Topic: Completing a Silicon Photonics Ecosystem in China
15:00-15:20, Songwei Zhang, GoLight, China
Topic: Automatic Packaging and Testing in Silicon Photonics Modules
15:20-15:40, Coffee Break
15:40-16:00, Min Xue, NUAA, China
Topic: Measurement, Analysis and Calibration of Analog Response for Photonic Integrated Chips
16:00-16:20, Wanyin Cui, Nanoscribe GmbH, Germany
Topic: Sub-diffraction Limit 3D Printing and Photonic Wire Bonding Technologies
16:20-16:40, Lam Yee Loy, Denselight Semiconductor, Singapore
Topic: Advances in PIC - Using DenseLight's HiPPTMPlatform to Deliver Integrated Sensing Optical Engines & Interrogator Systems
16:40-17:00, Peter Chan, Santec, Japan
Topic: Applications of High Speed, High Accuracy & High Resolution Swept Test Laser
17:00-17:20, Zi Wang, Hamamatsu, Japan
Topic: Explosive Growth of Communication Speed: The Application of SLM in Optical Vortices
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Yates Yao, President, Luster LightTech Group Corp
Jianhui Zhou, SVP, Finisar Corporation
Xiang Liu, Distinguished Scientist, Huawei Technologies

14:00-14:20, John Bowers, Dep. Electrical &Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 
Advanced Laser Designs for Large-scale Photonic Integration
14:20-14:40, Mr. Saeid Aramideh, Co-founder & CMO, Ranovus, Canada
Quantum Photonics to Enable Terabits/s Capacity per Fiber by Co-packed Optics for Intra-DC networks
14:40-15:00, Mr. Christian Urricariet, Sr Director of Global Marketing, Finisar, USA
Tunable DWDM Optics for Next-generation Wireless Networks
15:00-15:20, Akimasa Kaneko, VP, Head of NTT Device Innovation Center, NTT Lab, Japan 
Recent Progress on High-Power EML for Next-Generation PON and 5G Networks.
15:20-16: 00, Coffee  Break
16:00-16:20, Jian-Jun He, Founder & CTO, Lightip Technologies, China
Low Cost Tunable Semiconductor Laser for 5G and Access Networks
16:20-16:40, Mr. Christian Urricariet, Sr Director of Global Marketing, Finisar, USA
Using VCSELs in 3D Sensing Applications
16:40-17:00, Simon Howe, Product Specialist–Ultrafast, NKT Photonics, Switzerland
Ultrafast Lasers and Application in Science and Industry
17:00-17:20, David Li, CTO& EVP, Hisense Broadband, China
Photonic Device Technology and Commercialization
17:20-17:40, Mr. Charley Bu, Accelink Technologies, China
25Gbps DWDM EML and its New Application on DCI and 5G Bearer Networks
17:40-18:00, Panel discussion
Presider: Yates Yao, Jianhui Zhou, Xiang Liu
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Ansion LM Xiong, State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber and Cable Manufacture Technology, YOFC, China
Perry Ping Shum, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
13:30 – 13:35, Welcome from the ACP2018 General Chair Prof Perry Shum (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
13:35 – 14:00, Xiongyan Tang, Network Technology Research Institute, China Unicom, China
Topic: Research and Application of G654E Optical Fiber at China Unicom
14:00 – 14:25, Junjie Li, Jianjun Tang and Xiaoli Huo, China Telecom Beijing Research Institute (CTBRI), China
Topic: Application and Future Requirements for ROADM Technology
14:25 – 14:50, Dechao Zhang, China Mobile Research Institute, China
Topic: New Fiber and Optical Requirements on High Speed Transport Network Beyond 100G
14:50 – 15:15, Wenyu Zhao, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), China
Topic: The Recent Trends in Optical Transport Technology and Standards
15:15 – 15:40, Guifang Li, University of Central Florida, USA
Topic: Few-Mode Fibers for Transmission Capacity and Beyond
15:40 – 15:55, Coffee Break
15:55 – 16:20, Liangming Xiong, State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber and Cable Manufacture Technology, YOFC, China
Topic: Recent Progress in New or Specialty Fiber and Cable Technologies
16:20 – 16:45, Perry Shum, School of EEE, Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeTopic: Optical Fiber Sensors and Applications
16:45 – 17:10, Yunqi Liu, School of Communication and Information Engineering, Shanghai University, China
Topic: Few Mode Fiber Long-Period Gratings for Mode Division Multiplexing Optical Communications and Optical Sensors
17:10 – 17:35, Lin Ma, State Key Laboratory of Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Topic: Few-Mode and Multicore Optical Fibers for High-Density and High-Speed Optical Interconnects Application
17:35 – 17:50, Closing Speech 
 (by the ACP2018 TPC Chair Jie Luo, the Director of State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber & Cable Manufacture Technology, CTO of YOFC, China)
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Marija Furdek, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden 
Ognjen Dobrijević, University of Zagreb, Croatia

15:00-15:10, Welcome and introduction by the workshop chairs
15:10-15:20, Sameer Sharma, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Topic: Dynamic Network Fabric for 5G
15:20-15:30, Jörg-Peter Elbers, ADVA, Germany
Topic: Slice or dice? How to facilitate time-critical services
15:30-15:40, Dan Kilper, University of Arizona, USA
Topic: Mesh without Boundaries
15:40-15:50, Marco Ruffini, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Topic: Reaching long term dependability through short term vulnerability
15:50-16:00, Gangxiang Shen, Soochow University, China
Topic: Maximizing Availability-Weighted Slice Capacity for Sliceable Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Networks
16:00-16:10, Wei Lu, University of Science and Technology of China, China
Topic: Application-driven network slicing and orchestration in software-defined elastic optical networks
16:10-16:20, Robert Keys, Juniper, Canada
Topic: Keep on Running...
16:20-17:00, Q&A Panel discussion
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Gong-ru Lin, National Taiwan University
Nan Chi, Fudan University
Shuyu Zhang, Fudan University
Jing Xu, Zhejiang University
08:30-09:00, Gong-Ru Lin, National Taiwan University
Topic:  Advances in Laser Diode White Lighting and Free-Space Communications
09:00-09:20, Shuyu Zhang, Fudan University
Topic: Micro/Nanophotonics-based organic semiconductors for visible light communications
09:20-09:40, Xiongbin Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Topic: How to realize high-speed real-time communication with phosphor-based LED 
09:40-10:00, Xianqing Jin, University of Science and Technology of China
Topic: Real-time tracking of mobile light source for outdoor visible light communications
10:00-10:30, Yongjun Liu, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Topic: Ultra High Speed Real Time Visible Light Communication Based On Pre-Equalization
10:30-11:00, Coffee break
11:00-11:20, Boon S: Ooi, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Topic: Ultraviolet FSO to laser-based VLC – the role of group-III-nitride devices
11:20-11:40, Jian Chen, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Topic: Initialization and fast convergence of dynamic equalizers for indoor visible light communication systems
11:40-12:00, Lilin Liu, Sun Yat-Sen University
Topic: Band-pass purple-blue light PIN photo-detector for visible light communications

12:00-12:20, Jing Xu, Zhejiang University
Topic: Underwater Wireless Optical Communication: from the Lab Tank to the Real Sea

  • Python Lab Automation Hackathon (Sponsored by Nokia Bell Labs and Luster LightTech Group Corp)
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Haoshuo Chen, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Nick Fontaine, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Roland Ryf, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Jochen Schröder, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

19:00-19:03, Nick Fontaine, Roland Ryf and Haoshuo Chen, Nokia Bell Labs, USA
Topic: Python basics and installation
19:03-19:06, Ruben S. Luis, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
Topic: Basic DSP for PDM-QPSK signals using Python
19:06-19:09, Jochen Schröder, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Topic: QAMPy a DSP chain for optical communication signals
19:09-19:12, Yuqing Jiao and Ronald Broeke, TU/e and brightphotonics, Holland
Topic: Photonics IC design using Python
19:12-19:15, Hanzi Huang, Shanghai University, China
Topic:  Deploy a Deep Neural Network model on FPGA using Python
19:15-19:18, Yetian Huang, Shanghai University, China
Topic:  Lab equipment automation using Python
19:18-20:30, Demo and discussion
  • Joint Research Center of Photonics & Joint Centre of Advanced Photonics Research Combined Workshop 2018 (JORCEP Workshop)
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Sponsoring Organizations:
Sino-Swedish Joint Research Center of Photonics (JORCEP)
ZJU-CUHK Joint Centre of Advanced Photonics Research
Erik Forsberg, Zhejiang University, China
Hon Tsang, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Sailing He, 
Sergei Popov, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
13:30-13:50, Sailing He, Sino-Swedish Joint Research Center of Photonics, ZJU/KTH/SCNU, China  
Topic: Some recent progress in subwavelength photonics
13:50-14:10, Sergei Popov, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
Topic: Advances in high-speed optical communication: from SDM to free space THz
14:10-14:30, Yaocheng Shi, Zhejiang University, China
Topic: Silicon photonic integrated devices and circuits
14:30-14:50, Jiajia Chen, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden/South China Normal University, China
Topic: Telecom compatibility of Quantum Key Distribution
14:50-15:20, Coffee Break
15:20-15:40, Lena Wosinska, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
Topic: Flexible optical networks: concepts, developments and challenges
15:40-16:00, Zhangwei Yu, Zhejiang Normal University, China
Topic: Research at Hangzhou Institute of Advanced Studies
16:00-16:20, Liu Liu, South China Normal University, China  
Topic: Integration of long-wavelength VCSELs on silicon photonic circuits
16:20- 16:40, Eric Cassan, Université Paris Saclay, France
Topic: Recent reports on electrooptical modulation and amplification in silicon photonics
16:40-17:00, Yuqing Jiao, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Holland
Topic: Photonic integrated circuits for beyond telecom applications
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur, McGill University, Canada
Gabriela Nicolescu, Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
Daoxin Dai, Zhejiang University, China
Yaocheng Shi, Zhejiang University, China

9:00-9:20, Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur McGill University, Canada.
Topic: Workshop introduction followed by Canada’s state of optical switches and controllers as an example
9:20-9:40, Liu Liu South China Normal University, China
Topic: Integrated multimode optical switch on silicon
9:40-10:00, Zhou Linjie Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Topic: Silicon photonic switch elements and their scalability
10:00-10:20, Kiyo Ishii AIST, Japan
Topic: Optical switch scalability, optical switch control, and optically switched network control
10:20-10:40, Panel Discussion
10:40-11:00, Coffee break
11:00-11:20, Yaoyao Ye Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Topic: Routing and arbitration in a two-level hierarchical optical network
11:20-11:40, Zhiyong Li Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Topic: Issues on Advanced Materials for CMOS Photonic Integration
11:40-12:00, Nicola Calabretta Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Topic: Fast Controlled Nanoseconds Photonic Integrated WDM Cross-Connects for Edge-Computing Metro Access and Data Center Networks
12:00-12:30 Panel Discussion
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Time: Friday, October 26st, 2018
Zhiping Zhou, Peking University, China.
Daoxin Dai, Zhejiang University, China.
Liu Liu, South China Normal University, China.
Invited Speakers:
13:30-13:45, Koji Yamada, Natl Inst of Adv Industrial Sci & Tech, Japan
Topic: A 300-mm-wafer silicon photonics technology for energy-efficient and advanced information systems
13:45-14:00, Minbin Yu, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, China
Topic: Si Photonics technology and PIC process integration challenge
14:00-14:15, Chengling Xu, Synopsys, Canada
Topic: Advanced PIC Design Flow: From Concept to Manufacture
14:15-14:30, Tao Chu, Zhejiang University, China
Topic: Lasers on silicon
14:30-14:45, Di Liang, Hewlett Packard Lab, USA
Topic: Heterogeneously Integrated Quantum-Dot Photonics on Silicon
14:45-15:00, Yating Wan, UC Santa Barbara, USA
Topic: On-chip detection from directly modulated quantum dot microring lasers on Si
15:00-15:15, Lin Zhang, Tianjin University, China
Topic: Robust generation of microresonator-based frequency combs
15:15-15:45, Tee Break
15:45-16:00, Xi Xiao, FiberHome Technologies, WRI, China
Topic: How far can pure-silicon optical modulators go, and what's next?
16:00-16:15, Xinlun Cai, Sun Yat-sen University, China
Topic: Hybrid Silicon and Lithium Niobate Platform for Optical Signal Processing
16:15-16:30, Ching-Fuh Lin, Innovative Photonics Advanced Research Center, National Taiwan University
Topic: Extremely broadband infrared detection based on Si-technologies
16:30-16:45, Yikai Su, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Topic: On-chip optical interconnects with high-order mode multiplexing based on subwavelength-grating couplers
16:45-17:00, Lin Yang, Institute of Semiconductor, CAS, China
Topic: From optical space switching to optical mode switching
17:00-17:15, Yu Yu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Topic: Mode-selective four wave mixing using silicon waveguide
17:15-17:30, Lan Yang, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Topic: Whispering-gallery-mode resonators for functional devices
17:30-17:45, Jianwei Wang, Peking University, China
Topic: Large-scale silicon photonic circuits for quantum information technologies
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